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Library Regulations

Address: 1165 Budapest, Diósy Lajos u. 22-24. Ground floor, Building D
Phone: 4677800/341 Borrowing section
4677800/392 Information
4677800/397 Reference service, Information
Library web page:
Online catalogue:
Virtual Library:
Head of the Library: Andrea Lőrincz
Phone: 4677913
Reference services,
Deputy Librarian:
Dezső Czakó
Phone: 4677800/397, 337.

The Library of the Budapest Business School College of International Management and Business is a Public Library.

The regulations determine the conditions of the Library use and include the current announcements of the Library.

Term time opening hours

DF/47  /Borrowing section, Reading rooms/
Monday  9.00 - 17.00
Tuesday  9.00 - 15.30
Wednesday 10.00 - 18.00
Thursday  9.00 - 15.30
Friday  9.00 - 15.30
Saturday  9.00 - 15.00

DF/26  /Reading room of journals and European Union Documentation Centre/
Monday  9.30 - 17.00
Tuesday  9.30 - 18.00
Wednesday  9.00 - 17.00
Thursday  9.30 - 18.00
Friday 10.00 - 14.00
Saturday closed

The opening hours in the examination period can be found on the following web-page:


The signed application form and the Library card constitute the documents of a contract between the Library and the User.

In order to register as a member of the Library, users are required to fill in a registration form at the counter in the Borrowing Section of the Library.

Readers of the Library must be over 14 and need to have a valid identity/student card.

Students from abroad need to have a Hungarian guarantor before being issued a Library card.

The Library card is valid for one calendar year and has to be renewed every year.

The users' personal details are stored in a computer and will only be accessed by the Library staff.
Users must report any changes in their personal details.

The Library services can only be used with a valid Library card.
The Library card is not transferable.
The holder of the Library card is liable for any kind of misuse of the Library card.

By signing the registration form (application for membership) users agree to abide by the Library regulations.


The Library can be visited only with a valid Library card with a passport size photograph which is has to be presented at the counter.

Food and drink must not be taken into the Library.
Mobile phones must not be used in the Library
Bags and coats must be left in the cloak-room or put into the lockers outside the Library.
Users should not disturb others by talking or with noisy behaviour.

The proper use of the Library documents and belongings is compulsory for each reader. Who wilfully damages the Library documents and/or belongings, must pay a penalty.

When photocopying users must observe the copyright laws in every respect.
Users who repeatedly or seriously violate the Library regulations may be barred from using the Library with immediate effect.



Services provided free of charge for users with white Library cards

Use of Library catalogues
Use of CD-ROM network
Information on the documents and services of the Library
Use of the Reading Rooms
Use of the documents of the Library on the premises

Green Library cards entitle holders to use all the Library's facilities in addition to the above mentioned services

Reference services
Subscribed databases on the Internet
Interlibrary loan under special circumstances
Reading of dissertations on the premises

Photocopying of dissertations is prohibited!



Registration fee for BGF students: Ft 500,-
Registration fee for non-BGF students with valid student card: Ft 800,-
Registration fee for non-BGF students without valid student card: Ft 1.600,-
Admission card: Ft 300,-
Fine: Ft 20,-/document/day
for overnight lending: Ft 400,-/document/day
Substitution of lost Library card: Ft 500,-
Scanning documents Ft 50,-/ page
Printing documents Ft 15-25,-/A4 page
colour print Ft 50-200,-/A4 page
(incl. VAT)  



Only valid green Library card holders are eligible to borrow documents from the Library.
Data recording of borrowing and withdrawal occurs in the presence of the readers.

What can be borrowed?
All documents that are not subject to restrictions and are available in the Library.

How many documents can be borrowed?

Readers of the Budapest Business School College of International Management and Business may borrow a maximum of 10 documents at a time.

Academic and non-academic staff of the College may borrow a maximum of 20 documents at a time.

Outside users may borrow a maximum of 3 documents at a time.

Documents not to be borrowed

Daily and weekly papers, journals
Reference works with the label 'Kézikönyvtár' in the Reading Rooms
Dissertations, the most part on CD-ROM-s
Photocopies of compulsory readings which can be found in Rooms 47 and 26/b.
Users may not borrow the documents in the European Union Documentation Centre. Apart from the documents relating to European integration, users can find reference books, textbooks, encyclopaedias, and dictionaries here.

The date when the document is to be returned is stamped on the fly-leaf of every document on loan.

Overnight lending of documents belonging to the reference Library is possible only on special occasions.

IMPORTANT: Borrowing of a new title does not automatically mean a prolongation of documents borrowed earlier.

If the reader does not return documents on time she/he has to pay a fine. Until the settlement of the fine, documents cannot be renewed.

Documents borrowed from the Library must be returned on time without any notice.

The Library sends reminders to users when documents are overdue.
Irrespectively from the date the notice was sent to the reader, the fine is calculated from the date of the original deadline.

The User is obliged to replace the lost or damaged document with a copy of the same edition when it substitutes the original in every detail, or reimburse the cost.

Renewing books

Documents borrowed can only be renewed in person or via email before the date they are due. If the documents on loan have been reserved, they cannot be renewed.

Reserving books

It is possible to reserve documents on loan. When the reserved document is returned, the Library notifies the user and shall keep the requested book for 8 days. A reservation fee will be charged on every book.

In certain cases the Library reserves the right to call in books before the loan date expires.

Damaged or lost books

In case of loss or damage the user can be held liable and will have to pay for the repair or the replacement of the books.



Most of the books that can be borrowed from the Library can be found on the shelves according to languages and within these they are categorised according to disciplines (Classification numbers).
Documents can be chosen from the open shelves or can be brought up from the Library store rooms/stacks after filling in the ’Document request' form.
Documents in the Library store rooms/stacks will be made available to the User on the day following the submission of the 'Document request' form. Back volumes can also be obtained from the Library store room with the same conditions.


Books used in the Library should not be returned to the shelves but put on the trolleys as indicated.

If a dissertation is sought, please write D/... number indicated in the computer on the prescribed form and give it to the Librarian in the Information Section. The requested dissertations can be picked up on the day following the date written on the form.

Audio and video materials and equipment together with language books and test tasksheets can be found in the Self Access Centre.

Journals, with the exception of daily political papers, can be found in Room 26/b, Ground floor, Building D.