Only valid green Library card holders are eligible to borrow documents from the Library.
Data recording of borrowing and withdrawal occurs in the presence of the readers.

What can be borrowed?
All documents that are not subject to restrictions and are available in the Library.

How many documents can be borrowed?

Readers of the Budapest Business School College of International Management and Business may borrow a maximum of 10 documents at a time. Academic and non-academic staff of the College may borrow a maximum of 100 documents at a time. Outside users may borrow a maximum of 3 documents at a time.

Documents not to be borrowed:

Daily and weekly papers, journals. Reference works with the label ’Kézikönyvtár’ in the Reading Rooms Dissertations, the most part on CD-ROM-s. Photocopies of compulsory readings which can be found in Rooms 47 and 26/b. Users may not borrow the documents in the European Union Documentation Centre. Apart from the documents relating to European integration, users can find reference books, textbooks, encyclopaedias, and dictionaries here.

Books with the label ’Humberside’ and ’Francia Tagozat’ can primarily be borrowed by students studying on the English BA and the French language programme, respectively.

The date when the document is to be returned is stamped on the fly-leaf of every document on loan. Overnight lending of documents belonging to the reference Library is possible only on special occasions. IMPORTANT: Borrowing of a new title does not automatically mean a prolongation of documents borrowed earlier.

If the reader does not return documents on time she/he has to pay a fine. Until the settlement of the fine, documents cannot be renewed. Documents borrowed from the Library must be returned on time without any notice. The Library sends reminders to users when documents are overdue. Irrespectively from the date the notice was sent to the reader, the fine is calculated from the date of the original deadline. The User is obliged to replace the lost or damaged document with a copy of the same edition when it substitutes the original in every detail, or reimburse the cost.

Renewing books:

Documents borrowed can only be renewed in person or via email before the date they are due. If the documents on loan have been reserved, they cannot be renewed.